OPENING: A stunning new place in Limassol, with tasty delights from around the world!

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A store with modern facilities has recently opened its doors in Limassol, aiming to showcase some of the most unique types of beverages from around the world. The modern and beautifully decorated Wine Case, which is is located in one of the city’s most central areas, close to the roundabout of Agios Nikolaos, is eager to introduce its delicious offerings to the people of Limassol.

The distinctiveness of Wine Case has much to do with its specially designed storage area, where all beverages are maintained at a steady temperature of 16 degrees. In fact, because all drinks are transported in special, refrigerated containers in similar storage conditions, consumers will enjoy their products in their original form, unaltered in quality, taste or color.

At Wine Case, one can find a wide range of fine, imported wines from European countries such as Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, as well as wines from South American countries, such as Argentina and Chile. Additionally, Wine Case also specializes in a selection of single malt whiskeys, while its stock also includes great brands of brandy, rum, tequila and gin.

Address: 3A, Griva Digeni Ave.
Contact number: 70001017