OPENING: A special barber shop in Limassol, with an actual bar for beers and drinks!

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Barber shops are known for grooming services provided exclusively to men and this does not change a bit. But Old Boy Barber Shop brings a wholly different approach in men's haircuts, turning this place into a favorite spot, not just for men, but for women, too, and even children.

This the first European shop of a large franchise with 106 other shops in Russia, which declares that a man's haircut and shave should a delightful experience and not just a typical procedure. Modern barbers, host their customers by offering their services along with whiskey or beer, coffee or tea, as well as chocolate for the little ones.

This new spot was the  result of the wish of a Latvian with Russian ancestry, owner of the shop, to introduce in Limassol a brand name identified with unique style and special treatment for men's and boy's heads visiting the place. At the same time, though, it also offers quite a unique view for women, too, which they are pleased to enjoy by sitting in this stylish lounge, on retro-type armchairs, with amazing decoration all around, enjoying their own drinks.

Soon, though, women might have another reason to join, since there have been some thoughts of expanding with a tattoo studio on the upper floor, with tattoo art being closely related with men's grooming lately.

Address: 13 – 15, Grigoris Afxentiou, Mesa Yitonia
Contact number: 96 777 270

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