OPENING: A space with delicious dishes and coffee, just a few meters from the Limassol sea!

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When a venue takes great care to offer excellent quality coffee, a modern and friendly space, as well as food that covers the entire spectrum of dietary requirements, then it certainly has all the makings to become a beloved hangout for many. And when that is combined with a central location that is equal distance from the city center and the sea, then that just makes it all the more convenient.

Such is the case with Tasters, a relaxed and comfortable café in the Enaerios area. With its delicious menu that is ideal for breakfast, brunch, and healthy meals throughout the day, as well as the beautiful environment it has created, it is a popular choice for workday breaks, meetings with friends, as well as for working on the spacious tables it provides.

Featuring vegan sweets, healthy smoothies, and meat or fish dishes, the menu truly has something for everyone to enjoy.

Address: Makariou III (Enaerios Area)
Contact number: 7000 1188