OPENING: A one-of-its-kind childrens' theme park is now in Limassol!

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Masterland is a 5600 square meter, ultra-realistic, kid-sized indoor replica of a city, complete with buildings, paved streets, vehicles and even its self-contained economy fuelled by a currency called “golden talents”. For a 4-hour visit in Masterland, children aged 5 – 15 receive an allowance of golden talents with their entrance tickets, which they use to have fun, learn, make friends and experience unique moments.

Living like grown-ups, children will be able to get acquainted 70 different kinds of jobs in realistic sets, open a bank account, make their first investment, and even fill out a customs declaration. Children can spend their ”golden talents” on entertainment, education or charity. New talents can only be earned through working. Younger children will be able to enjoy a specially designed “Children’s Zone”, which includes a play area, arts and crafts station, and a “kitchen” for warming up baby food.

Guided and observed by professional care-takers, children will acquire life skills that help them understand the world they are growing into. They will be taught how the water supply of the city is arranged, why it is necessary to sort out garbage, the importance of traffic rules and more. For the more creative types, there is a theatre and an academy of arts. The young adventurers will have the opportunity to go on archaeological expeditions and learn about the rich history of Cyprus.

During the visits, parents can relax in Masterland’s designated “Parents’ Lounge”, where they will be offered books, magazines and complimentary Internet facilities. Adults will also have access to some workshops and can participate in the City’s street events. The Park is open every day except Monday, from 10:00 to 20:00, including Public Holidays (operating in Greek and English).

Address: 48, Spyrou Kyprianou Street
Contact Number: 25 310 012

Find out details about the official opening here.

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