OPENING: A new venue in Limassol rediscovers the Cypriot meze!

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Imagination, passion, love for Cypriot flavors and attention to detail were the driving forces that led to the creation of a new space that opened its doors in the city in early February. ‘Pinakio Geuseon’ or ‘Plate of Flavors,’ is a new venue that aims to enhance the experience of the Cypriot meze, as well as of entertainment featuring good food and music.

In the heart of Agios Athanasios, in the paved square of the village, the venue welcomes guests each night in a carefully considered environment featuring strong wood elements, preparing special dishes using genuine ingredients from the local nature of Cyprus. Head Chef Christodoulos Abraham takes lovers of good food on a gastronomic journey, using modern techniques to recreate flavor combinations that have been a part of the local cuisine for centuries.

A large gamut of recipes are included in the 16+ dishes of the meze, awaiting sampling by those who visit this new destination. Beyond its unique menu and the warm, welcoming atmosphere, ‘Pinakio Geuseon’ also offers live music evenings, featuring favorite current and old tunes from the Greek music scene.

Cypriot and Greek distillates are perfect accompaniments to the flavors, and a distillery has been set up within the restaurant for the production of non-alcoholic spirits, used to flavor the dishes.

Address: Agios Athanasios Town Hall
Contact number: 25 747480