OPENING: A new, tasteful pizza place with its own playground in Limassol!

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In an area of Limassol with amazing variety of tasty options, a new, tasteful pizza place, with enthusiastic fans in Nicosia, where it has been open for some time now, has arrived recently. Emphasizing in Mediterranean flavors, Pizza Mine is a concept based on the fact that each one of us likes pizza in a very particular way.

With fresh dough, both fluffy and crunchy, baked in a special oven with a dome on top, this pizza is the closest to the authentic, Italian version, both in taste and looks. The menu introduces 10 different combos, with fresh ingredients of the Mediterranean cuisine, covering any preference, including vegetarians and vegans. Apart from that, imagination and appetite are in charge, to create any combination one may wish to try.

A wide range of ingredients, with dozens of options (from sausage or Italian prosciutto, to grilled vegetables, artichokes and fresh rocket) is available at the cooking bench, inviting you to create your own masterpiece without any restrictions. You can also create your own salad just as easily, if you are looking for a lighter and more refreshing dining option, accompanied by the delicious garlic bread.

Apart from its amazing menu, with an Italian approach to pizza, another reason for visiting this new restaurant in the tourist area of Yermasoyia is its beautiful play area for kids.

Address: 60, Georgiou I, Yermasoyia
Contact number: 777 5200