OPENING: A new, stylish spot for delicacies and coffee in Limassol!

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It is a spot that managed to get among the favorite ones in Limassol for about 1,5 year since it first appeared in the city. Thus, it was inevitable for it to grow and spread out, in order for anyone to be able to reach it easily, no matter where they would be, at any time. After all, the flavors coming out of its kitchen, both sweet and savory, are the kind that people will reach for any hour of the day.

Galette, after the successful opening of the store at the Limassol seaside, near the Old Port, and the second one at Aneksartisias Street, it has created a new corner, ready to offer unique delicacies and aromatic, fine coffee to its guests. With the same modern design, shiny and impressive in all its simplicity, the new shop at Agios Nicolaos area, spreads the flavors of this special bakery closer to the heart of the city.

The new shop combines the role of the Artisan Bakery that allowed Galette to stand out, with the one of an Espresso Bar, so that it can be an easy and quick and easy, refreshing stop for the much needed fuels during the day, from a wide range of freshly baked pizza and gourmet sandwiches, to croissants, tarts, cinnamon rolls and more. At the same time, it is still a top option for the supplies for home, too, due to its large collection of selected breads, with recipes from all around the world.

Address: Georgiou Griva, Agios Nicolaos, Limassol (Next to Kapatsos Grill)
Contact number: 25 100 715