OPENING: A new spot with favorite Greek flavors at the Limassol city center!

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A new and promising idea comes along in Limassol, aiming to become a favorite habit for the entire Cyprus. A new place is about to welcome soon, those who love good food and favorite, Greek flavors, at the Limassol center.

White, wooden tables and matching chairs have already taken their place at the Medieval Castle square, and Meat Bar will soon be the new addition in a most favorite spot for dining and drinks in Limassol. Meat Bar, which opens its doors in the mid-October, is a traditional, Greek griller, which emphasizes in recipes and meze with meat, and anything that can accompany it.

In charge of the menu are 2 Greek chefs, who know the art of grilled meat, complementing this idea, for a budget dining option, with the tasty treats of the Greek fast food culture, but without the sloppiness it has been associated with for some years now. Following the trend of the times, the traditional souvlaki spot becomes a modern restaurant with grills, aiming to be not just the answer to “I’m hungry”, but also the answer to “let’s go someplace to eat”. Thus, Meat Bar comes to suggest an experience coming for the coupling between a restaurant and a kebab shop.

Address: Medieval Castle Square
Contact number: 99 531 280