OPENING: A new spot that aims to change the face of fast food in the center of Limassol!

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If much of your daily routine is spent in the city center, you may often find yourself seeking a quick and easy meal. Recent arrival Food Factory is a new space in Limassol’s busiest area which aims to banish the notion that fast food has to be of poor nutrition or quality.

Located just a few meters from the Saint Nicholas roundabout, Food Factory has created a modern and welcoming space, with a cutting-edge kitchen that prepares a variety of fast, cold meals as well as coffee, herbal teas, juices and smoothies. The difference lies in the fresh ingredients used, as well as the fact that all food items are made from scratch, as the kitchen begins working from 5am daily.

With a balance of flavors and creative ideas, there is always something new and interesting to try. From fresh, juicy salmon to homemade peanut butter and the hard to find jackfruit, this enticing menu is yet another reason to look forward to your lunch break.

Address: Lord Byron Street (Saint Nicholas Roundabout)
Contact number: 25 104604