OPENING: A new space in Limassol that would feel right at home in Notting Hill!

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Reowned is a new, one of a kind shop in Limassol, which came about as a result of Stephanie’s passion and love for fashion. Upon returning to her hometown after some time spent in England, where she worked in a high-end boutique, Stephanie was determined not to abandon what she loved doing, and thus decided to utilize the knowledge and experience she gained during her time abroad.

The result was the creation of the first shop in Limassol to feature authentic items from such high fashion houses as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, and more. What is unique about these items is the fact that they all once belonged to previous owners, and are sold at lower retail prices, though they are still in excellent condition. Thanks to her experience working in a similar boutique, Stephanie is in a position to be able to confirm their authenticity, thus ensuring that none of her customers are scammed.

The aim of the young owner of Reowned is to collect modern pieces from the most recent collections, be they bags and wallets or scarves and shoes. The shop also offers the option for people to sell their own such items that they no longer need or wish to replace.

Wanting to recreate a small part of the atmosphere of London, Stephanie created a façade of white railings and golden flowers to guard her shopfront, conjuring up images of the little shops in London’s Notting Hill.

Address: 27 Nikodemou Mylona Street
Contact number: 25 350065