OPENING: A new shop in Limassol overflowing with sweet temptations!

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A shop overflowing with sweet temptations and aromas recently opened its doors in Limassol, making it the ideal option for anyone who loves traditional sweets, crepes, waffles, and lokoumades.

Glykospito has set up shop on one of the city’s busiest streets in Zakaki, and is open daily (except Mondays), offering a wide variety of traditional desserts as well as more modern treats. Its specialty is the Cypriot lokoumades made with honey or syrup, or combined with various fillings and toppings.

The menu also includes syrupy sweets, orange pie, and apple pie. Crepes and waffles can be accompanied by any toppings you desire, and you can also choose from a selection of donuts. Opt for a milkshake or a smoothie to complement this sweet experience.

Address: 181E Franklin Roosevelt
Contact number: 25344222