OPENING: A new shop in Limassol offering fish and seafood street food!

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A new little shop in the city center is offering a… seaside version of street food to the people of Limassol. Ocean2go has set up shop on the busy Athinon Street, with a menu of unique flavors that you can enjoy on the go.  

With its fish and seafood options, this hangout offers an alternative to fast street food in the city center. From tuna and shrimp burgers and salmon sandwiches, to classic fish and chips, calamari kebab in Cyprus pita bread and a paper cone filled with a variety of fish, plus crispy chips and unique sauces, there is always something interesting worth sampling.

The selection of sauces is wide enough to cover all tastes, with classic options such as tzatziki, to more unusual flavors such as truffle mayonnaise or orange and crab sauce. Side dishes include homemade French fries, wedges or mashed potatoes.

Address: 21 Athinon Street
Contact number: 25 582951