OPENING: A new shop full of surprises at the Limassol city center!

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The new arrival in Limassol city keeps some beautiful, colorful and unique surprises for anyone that visits Aneksartisias street. The new shop in the city is called “Best for” and it certainly is a great option for any occasion.

“Best for” is a company based in Thessaloniki, Greece, which arrived in Cyprus a few months ago, with its second shop opening in Limassol in the beginning of December 2017. It has a large range of useful and unique objects, which can cover daily needs, providing an interesting and special touch in our routine.

The main philosophy of “Best for” is to make things simpler, with budget and quality solutions. Smart and elegant decorations, clocks, office equipment, kitchen, bathroom and garden items, fitness equipment, items for kids or infants and even items for taking care and playing with pets are found on its shelves. With thousands of larger or smaller items, this shops is challenging anyone to discover the imaginative and alternative options, either when looking for a present or for something that will make you smile in your day.

Address: 71, Aneksartisias Street
Contact number: 25 357 330