OPENING: A new, refreshing destination for relaxing moments in Limassol!

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A new pool bar, just 10 minutes away from the Limassol city center, is ready to welcome those who want to escape the summer heat. This new pool bar offers an alternative option for the days, when the temperaturerises.

Cosmopolis Pool Bar has its pool located in a spacious garden, with loungers and tables around it, to host groups of friends and families. The cafeteria operating in this venue offers refreshing drinks, from coffee and smoothies to beer and cocktails, as well as ice cream and milkshakes.

The fenced area of the pool bar allows everyone the much-needed privacy to enjoy a swim in the pool or sunbathing. The lawn at the back of the garden, a few meters away from the pool, is an ideal space for games. Apart from from being an enertainment venue, the pool bar can also host parties and events.

Address: Constantinou & 64, Evripide Street, Trachoni
Contact number: 99 638684