OPENING: A new place with amazing perfumes arrived in Limassol!

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Upon entering in the place, you are surrounded by fragrances. On each one of the retro-style table and benches in the store, there are decorated boxes, jars and bottles, which keep special perfumes, that can change your mood immediately. Every corner has a different color, a different decoration, which represents a different smell.

This is the unique and special place by Sugar & Spice, a shop with Cypriot products, made with exclusively natural ingredients. Being for some years now a special destination for gifts in Nicosia, the shop has now opened its doors to the the people in Limassol, too, presenting its large range of cosmetics (hydrating cremes, scrubs, bathbombs, soaps etc), candles with soy, christening and wedding gifts etc. 

The shop has stood out for its special gift packs its makes, which address both women and men, as well as children, too. In fact, there are some packs especially made for certain occasions. Among these, the ones concerning new mothers and newborn babies are certainly most popular.

Find out more information about the opening cocktail party here.

Address: 79, Archbishop Makarios III, Mesa Yitonia
Contact number: 77777744

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