OPENING: A new place in Limassol, filled with original creations and amazing scents!

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Colors, scents, natural materials and original creations are the elements of the identity of a new place in in Limassol, which aims to provide small delights. Floral Fantasy, with flowers as a starting point, presents unique creations that can embellish our everyday life of the most special moments of it.

Being more than a typical flower shop, Floral Fantasy brings at the Limassol city center original creations of artists that make use of natural materials in an unusual way. Unique lambs made of pieces of old wood or trunks and roots, all with detailed craft work, are a great suggestion for an interior area, if one loves their natural feel and beauty. These are pieces only created once or after a specific order, so that someone having the exclusive privilege of owning one of these, at an attainable price.

TO complete the combination of scents coming from the flowers, the shop also hosts crafted, scented candles, with more than 50 different scents, made of soy bean wax instead of paraffin, which does not produce and harmful substances when burnt. In addition to that, this material does not create a cavity in the candle, since it burns uniformly. The materials are imported straight form the USA and they have a great quality, which results to a stronger scent, both when the candle is lit and when it is not.

Floral Fantasy introduces beautiful synthesis for gifts, as well as amazing ideas for christenings, weddings or other events.

Address: 31, Ayia Filaxeos Street
Contact number: 25 260 717

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