OPENING: A new, modern space in Limassol prepares juicy grilled dishes!

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A modern and comfortable venue in one of the city's most central spots, the grill house projekt is a new hangout that has devoted its menu to all kinds of grilled meat dishes, offering classic and innovative recipes. 

Having created an atmosphere that is ideal for a relaxed meal with friends and family, this restaurant on Makarios Avenue is a convenient destination for a daily outing for dinner. Offering a wide range of meats, as well as interesting options for salads and vegetarian dishes, the grill house projekt aims to suit every taste and preference. 

The unique characteristic of all the dishes by the grill house projekt is that they are prepared with fresh meat - not frozen - which means they are freshly grilled, thus preserving all their flavor and aromas. Among the most special recommendations are the burgers made with a mixture of minced beef and lamb and basil, the jumbo tomahawk steak, as well as whole Cornish Hen grilled under a brick, so that it retains all its juices. Among the vegetarian options is the quinoa salad with chickpeas and avocado (besides the classic salad options), as well as vegan burgers, and a choice of grilled salmon for those who don't wish for meat or salad. 

Address: 177, Makarios Avenue
Contact number: 70 005959