OPENING: A new hangout with beloved flavors and a large, outdoor space for children to play!

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After having made its debut in the city center in 2017 and winning the hearts of the people, this venue was given the impetus to begin spreading across Limassol. Hub Café, which was first introduced as a hangout with a wonderful atmosphere, good coffee and delicious snacks on Makarios Avenue, now has a total of 4 spaces, serving everyone from students to families with young children.

Keeping the same simple, modern approach as its identity, Hub Café chose to adapt the characteristics of each of its venues to the particularities of the neighborhoods in which they are located. Thus, the shop in Palodia, in an up-and-coming area which is welcoming more and more families, was created with a comfortable open-air space that is enclosed and covered with carpeting, offering younger guests an outlet to play and run around in. For this same reason, the shop also hosts a play area in the covered area.

Respectively, the 2 other Hub Café shops in the city are also suitably adapted to the needs of the public. The shop located within the premises of Cyprus College on Paphos Avenue offers a balcony and covered space that is large enough to welcome students as well as people who live or work in the area.

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The shop on the main road towards the center of Germasogeia was created in such a way as to accommodate the large number of people who pass through the area daily. And so, this 100% Limassolian brand was able to grow in a short period of time, and adapt to the specificities of the city.

Contact number: 25 770100