OPENING: A new hangout serving up devilishly good burgers in the center of Limassol!

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Timos, a young chef full of passion and imagination, loves street food culture and all that comes with it. He therefore decided to set up a hangout in the center of Limassol, where he serves devilishly good burgers and desserts in the casual atmosphere of the square.

The menu of Street Food Hooligans in Saripolou Square honors the beloved burger with tantalizing, imaginative options. Flavor seekers can sample the enormous double Champions League, the vegetarian Green Street Hooligans, and the Exarxeia – Athens Vromiko, or even the chocolate burger and churros. The surprises are endless!

Benches have been set up in the square so that you can enjoy your food on the spot, accompanied by music that ties in with the ‘on-the-street’ atmosphere. The menu, however, is also available for delivery.

Contact number: 25 101905