OPENING: A new hangout in the square, for delicious pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven!

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There’s a new reason to visit the center of Limassol, with the addition of a hangout in Heroes Square. Piazza Pizza is the third member of a beloved group, of which the other two members, Kafeneio Tembelis and Dusty Munky, are already popular destinations.

This pizzeria is based on the philosophy that simplicity and authenticity are the cornerstone of delicious food. The pizza, with its crisp, tasty dough, is baked in a wood-burning oven that uses lemon tree branches, and the flavor options range from classic margherita to pulled pork and the vegan meat substitute Beyond Meat.

The menu also offers the option of puccia (sandwiches made with pizza dough), as well as nachos, hot dogs in pizza dough, and a chocolatey, sweet pizza for dessert. All items are available for take-away and delivery, and can also be served to those who visit the nearby venues of Piazza Pizza.

Address: 23A Andreas Drousiotis
Contact number: 99 146615