OPENING: A new hangout in the Limassol mountains with a wonderful view of the pine forest!

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A new hangout has made its debut in one of the most popular destinations of the mountainous region of Limassol, boasting a wonderful view of the area’s green forested slopes. Named ‘Valley Espresso Coffee,’ its moniker is derived from the historical name given to the area of the Valley of Platres, where the venue is situated.

Valley Espresso Coffee is conveniently located on the main road of Platres, just a few meters from the central square of the village. Its terrace is one of the venue’s main advantages, as it allows visitors to relax and gaze out at the pine forest which covers the entire surrounding area.

The café also features an equally unique interior area, with upcycled bus seats as seating areas, and wooden tables adorned with bus façades. The large glass sunroom on the southern side of the café offers the same magnificent view that is visible from the terrace.

The idyllic path that begins at this point and leads to the Chariton Valley and the historic Roxanne Koudounari Fountain is perfect for a short stroll before or after enjoying a coffee.

Address: 20 Olympiou Street
Contact number: 25 340300