OPENING: A new hangout in Limassol that makes your work breaks enjoyable!

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A beautiful little shop has been set up on one of Limassol’s busiest streets, offering a tasty, nutritious, and relaxing break from the fast pace of the city.  

Sando & Co is a venue that serves ideal meals for the city’s busy residents, from the early morning hours until the afternoon. The dishes on its menu are remarkable for their original and robust flavors, and are also nutritious, healthy, and very filling.

Visitors can choose from a range of options that vary from day to day, including breakfast favorites of pancakes and omelets, fragrant salads, overstuffed sandwiches made with a variety of breads, delicious pulled pork, brownies, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

The menu is available for both take away and delivery, but if you are in the neighborhood, do stop by to enjoy your meal in the shady little garden.

Address: 80 Georgiou Griva Digeni
Contact number: 25 261231