OPENING: A new hangout for lovers of meze and Greek cuisine!

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Kitiou Kyprianou, one of the most characteristic streets of the historic center of Limassol, has, in recent years, attracted some of the most popular hangouts that are ideal for daily or nightly strolls in the city. Recently, a cook shop with a large, welcoming interior courtyard opened its doors on this street, and it is ideal for all hours of the day.

The Living Room, in choosing one of the city’s most picturesque and busiest locations, aims to become the answer to anyone seeking out a home cooked meal for their lunch break, a different dinner option, or an evening with friends for a glass of wine, ouzo or ‘tsipouro’ alongside meze dishes that are specially selected and prepared by the chef.   

The kitchen opens at lunchtime, offering beloved Cypriot and Greek dishes daily. The grill remains hot until midnight, preparing sizzling meat dishes as well as unique meze options. In this way, each diner can select the combination of dishes that best suit their tastes.

The Living Room, following the philosophy of the Greek ‘tsipouro’ tavern, urges its more adventurous diners to trust the chef’s mastery, selecting only their drink of choice, and enjoying the delicious meze dishes that accompany it.

Address: 39-41 Kitou Kyprianou Street
Contact number: 25 103400