OPENING: A new hangout for coffee, bagels and croissants in the heart of Limassol!

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A new space has made its appearance just a few steps from Saripolou Square, confirming that the specialty coffee trend is here to stay. Vasilis and Michalis are two best friends who also happen to be eclectic coffee fans, and they have decided to bring their version of it to Limassol.

Thanks to its location and offering, Vibes Coffee is a convenient stop for refreshments, open from early in the morning until late in the afternoon. Its owners, having discovered their ideal coffee blend, import a freshly-roasted load every 20 days to ensure that this flavor is always available. And so, by focusing on the finer details of coffee making (from the precision of the machine to the quality of the water), a cup of coffee turns into a unique treat.

The menu offers everything one may need to fuel up for the day. Bagels with sweet and savory flavor combinations are among the standout offerings. Healthy options are also available, which include protein smoothies made with natural ingredients, as well as fresh juices.

Address: 29, Athinon street
Contact numbers: 25 080818