OPENING: A new family restaurant, with its own beautiful playground for kids!

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There are times when a lunch date with friends and family can also be a great opportunity for an excursion to relax and have fun, and a new venue that opened its doors just a few minutes from the city of Limassol appears to be a destination that fits such opportunities perfectly.

On the road from Limassol to Troodos, just a few kilometers before the Alassa Bridge, En Lefko is a new opening that offers food and drinks, as well as space for playing, and entertainment with live music. The restaurant is situated in a spacious area, surrounded by trees, and is perfect to visit for a meal, or even as a convenient stopover on a longer journey.

One of the venue’s most important aspects is the specially arranged play area for children up to 7 years old, where they can spend their time safely playing. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining areas, and it is available for both coffee and proper meals, from early in the morning, until late at night (with a menu that includes tasty dishes from the Greek cuisine, meze, grilled foods and stews).

Address: Limassol - Troodos road (just before the Alassa bridge)
Contact number: 95 934648