OPENING: A new destination with idyllic views in the Limassol city center!

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In a neighborhood characterized by the imposing stature of classic homes which date back to the previous century, an old balcony has opened its doors to the public, creating a beautiful corner for drinks and dining. Balcon8, the city's newest arrival, is a unique venue with vintage flourishes that are in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The balcony enjoys views of the beautiful building of the CUT Deanery, the historic building of the University Library, the square and the pedestrian street, as well as of the majestic mansion belonging to Krystallia Pavlides. Set against this backdrop, with an atmosphere that is relaxing and ideal for a daily outing, Balcon8 serves delicious dishes and signature cocktails to all who seek a welcoming spot in the city center.

Wood elements are the main feature of the venue's decor and furnishings, and visitors can choose to be seated at tables for large or small groups with cozy seats, or at the bar, enjoying tasty meals for both lunch and dinner, featuring ingredients and flavors from the Mediterranean cuisine in surprising combinations. For those who stop by for a quick drink, the view from the balcony is certainly the perfect accompaniment.


Address: Themidos pedestrian street (CUT Deanery Square)
Contact number: 96 593615