OPENING: A new, colorful space in Limassol that is reminiscent of Greek summers!

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Shades of blue and white, brightly colored flowers and geometric motifs with ethnic flourishes have come together to create a world that shines with the brightness of the Mediterranean, in a space that has recently made its home just a few steps from the Limassol sea. The Abba Concept Store, a brand that has been renowned in Greece for a number of years, has reached our city, offering a concept that reminiscent of Greek summers.

The store made its debut in Chalkidiki, inspired by the traditions and enchantments of Ancient Greece. Featuring a gamut of select clothing and accessories that are ideal for spring and summer outings, this store radiates the unique vibrancy of the country which birthed it.  

Colorful caftans, romantic dresses and hats, swimsuits featuring playful designs and colors, handmade, leather sandals with boho flourishes, have all found a home within a uniquely designed and decorated space that fits perfectly with the beachside vibes of the Limassol Marina. Shoppers can browse items from internationally renowned fashion houses, such as Roberto Cavalli, Camilla, Orlebar Brown, Jen’s Pirate Booty, as well as from Greek designers such as Konplott – Miranda Konstantinidou.

Contact number: 25 051784