OPENING: A new chinese place in Limassol set the woks on fire to impress!

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It has some very enthusiastic fans in Nicosia since 2017 and it seems like it has just arrived in Limassol with the exact same potential. A different approach in Asian food – a cuisine that has been favorited in Limassol for some time now – aims to be a favorite habit for the city’s people.

The concept is simple, fast and, thus, twice as enjoyable. Wok in a Box is exactly what is says: Asian food, straight from a burning hot wok to a paper box that can take generous portions (enough for the really hungry ones to be full, as well as the rest to keep a second portion for next day). Through a range of fresh ingredients, mouth-watering sauces and typical flavors of the Asian cuisine, in this special restaurant you can create a custom dish fit to your taste.

Following 3 simple steps, with options between kinds of noodles and rice, various meats, seafood and vegetables which complement the dishes and a variety of sauces that bring all the flavors together, you can make a dish with everything you may want and please you.

Address: 5, Archiepiskopos Makarios III, Mesa Yitonia
Contact number: 25 726 161