OPENING: A new canteen in a Limassol winery makes a different kind of different burger!

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When you love your country’s local flavors, you find unique ways to showcase and offer them to the world. This is the case with Barrel Eat, a burger and sandwich canteen in the courtyard of the Karsera Winery in the village of Doros.

The winery specializes in the type of wine that made Cyprus famous worldwide: Commandaria. This special, sweet wine is used as the base of a delicious sauce that perfectly accompanies the dishes on the menu.

In this way, a visit to the winery is combined with a unique meal that you can take with you on your journey, or enjoy in the quiet courtyard, just a few meters from the historic village church.

Address: Doros (Limassol - Platres road, before Trimiklini village)
Contact number: 99 319646