OPENING: A beautiful, new surprise in a beloved square in Limassol!

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A beautiful new venue, filled with vibrant colors, flavors and delicious aromas is the new surprise addition of the Castle Square in Limassol. Modeled after the traditional ‘taverns’ from a corner of the Mediterranean that is famous for its cuisine, this new Italian trattoria, and newest member of the Carob Mill Restaurants Group, is called ‘Vecchia Napoli.’

‘Vecchia Napoli’ is a venue dedicated to Neapolitan cuisine, and Italian pizza in particular. Following the traditional recipe of the birthplace of pizza, the restaurant prepares delicious dishes with ingredients straight from Naples and its surrounding areas. All dishes are influenced by the simple, folk traditions of Naples and southern Italy, with pizza baked in a wood burning-oven, or ‘forno a legna’, manufactured by third generation craftsmen.

The delicious Neapolitan dishes are complemented by a venue that is bursting with color, music, and the vibrancy of the city. The first «Vecchia Napoli» restaurant opened its doors approximately 10 years ago as a small business in an underground space, and thanks to its popularity, it has grown and expanded, with a number of restaurants hosting and satisfying thousands of customers. Its atmosphere as well as its cuisine, offering salads and appetizers, tasty pasta and grilled dishes, fits perfectly within the family environment of the Castle Square, making it yet another option for accessible and quality dining in a pleasant environment.