OPENING: A new arrival in the historical center of Limassol aims to impress with its menu and image!

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In the heart of the historical center of Limassol, with a view of the city’s Medieval Castle, a new, atmospheric venue has opened its doors to lovers of good meat (and not only). The new restaurant of the Carob Mill Group features a specially designed underground wine cellar, and offers its guests select meat dishes, all ideally combined with fine wine.

Meating Grill & Co combines the rustic atmosphere of the stone building that houses it with the large and tasty variety of steaks and other grilled meat dishes made using the specialized Josper Gatststrogrill, which gives the meat a delicious aroma of smoky oak. A unique touch is the special variety of charcuterie and cheeses on the menu, which are perfectly matched by any of the wine options from the underground, stone-built, temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Low tables with armchairs, as well as higher tables which give the appearance of a bar, metallic light fixtures and modern décor have all come together to create an interesting and elegant environment that makes the guests’ gastronomic experience twice as enjoyable. One of the main characteristics of the space, of course, is the fact that the first thing visitors see is the underground wine cellar, through the glas hatch right at the entrance, which allows everyone to browse its contents.