OPENING: A new arrival in Limassol presents flavors from Hawaii for the first time!

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At first glance, this new arrival is sure to impress with its modern design and carefully thought out image. The new venue is the latest addition to the Columbia Restaurants group, and it aims to introduce Limassol’s gourmet diners to a tasty, healthy option that combines fresh seafood with the refreshing flavors of fruits and vegetables.  

The special menu of Pokéloha comes straight from Hawaii, featuring light, exotic and nutritious dishes that make up the new generation of sushi, served in a colorful, delicious bowl. These dishes are ideal for vegans and vegetarians, health food enthusiasts, as well as those who love to explore cuisines from around the world.  

In Hawaii, ‘poké’ means raw fish cut into cubes. Pokéloha offers bowls of high quality seafood, steamed chicken or tofu, accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as delicious sauces ranging from sweet to spicy. The restaurant’s chefs have integrated the Hawaiian flavors with a unique Mediterranean touch, adding ingredients such as pomegranate, tahini and feta to further enhance each unique dish. Guests can choose from the chef’s recommendations, or create their own bowl with ingredients of their choice, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and special flourishes of wasabi shoyu, yogurt, or peanut butter.

Address: Columbia Plaza
Telephone: 25 278000