OPENING: A new all-day spot at Limassol's western neighborhoods!

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A favorite meeting spot for Limassolians has just made an appearance at Limassol’s eastern neighborhoods. Opening its fifth shop in the city, Clock Café is a new addition in people’s options for coffee, relaxing moments, breaks within the daily routine and meetings with friends, in a beautiful environments.

Ideal for any hour of the day, Clock Café, which opened since a few weeks now at Omonoias Avenue, has areas suitable for any taste and need. The spacious and modern lounge,, with large sofas and cozy armchairs in the inside is great for chatting and relaxing, while the covered terrace is just as beautiful, to host smokers in a similar atmosphere. Bar – windows, with stools, are another option for those who are more into a quick coffee or refreshment.

This beautifully designed space is an extra advantage, along with the variety and quality of products in the menu, which includes fresh and tasty bites, both sweet and savory, either for snacking or accompanying your drink. Aromatic coffee and a variety of beverages will satisfy even the demanding ones, while for those in a distance, the store has also a delivery service available, as well as an option for online orders.

Address: 43 Omonoias Avenue
Contact number: 25 342 277