OPENING: A new, traditional coffee shop you should visit in Limassol's mountains!

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Right next to a picturesque square, in the center of Kyperounda village, a new, stone-built coffee shop has opened its doors. Simple and cozy, its welcomes its guests with the scent of basil from the pots on its veranda and the smell of freshly-made, traditional coffee.

It is called ‘Coffee on ember’ and this is its greatest advantage, as it makes coffee the traditional way, slowly roasting in hot sand, in order to have the best possible taste and smell. Thus, this coffee shop is continuing the tradition of coffee, bringing the new generation closer to a favorite taste.

To complement the traditional character of the coffee shop, its menu includes some of the most characteristic desserts of the Cypriot confectionery. Apart from a large variety of home-made, traditional sweets, the coffee shop also offers delicious, refreshing ‘mahalepi’, with rose flavour. So, a trip to the mountains of Limassol sure asks for a stop at the beautiful Kyperounda village for coffee.