OPENING: A modern venue in Limassol, for delicious Chinese food in 3 steps!

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Chinese food is a favorite option in Limassol since a few decades. A new spot at the busy Makarios Avenue, offers the option for tasty Chinese food, with countless combinations, made exactly according to your own taste. Apart from that, though, a great advantage of this concept is that your meal can be ready within 5 minutes.

Let’s wok it introduces a new concept for enjoying Chinses food, fast and easy at any time of the day. The restaurant opened a few days ago in Limassol, at Makarios Avenue, being a great option for tasty meals, either in its modern and spacious dining area, at the office, at home or even on the go, since its typical, paper pack is ideal for take away and delivery.

The restaurant’s motto is this: it’s not about fast food, but fresh food cooked fast! The special wok technique is the reason for both a tasty and a fast meal, while the fresh ingredients are an extra reason for an enjoyable result. The way for anyone to order is quite simple (since the cooking and the ingredients can make this order special, anyway): you choose from a range of noodles and rice, you add the ingredients and you top it with an amazing sauce. Do you feel like it is time for Chinese, already?

The idea of fast food cooked in a wok has become a trend in Europe these past few years, after the initiative of an entrepreneur from Holland and Let’s Wok It, which introduced this trend in Nicosia in 2017, has now opened its second store in Limassol.

Address: Λεωφόρος Μακαρίου 115
Contact number: 25 773 100