OPENING: A little shop in Limassol that stands out for its wonderful, fresh flavors!

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In just a few months, this little shop has become a beloved habit for the people of Limassol, thanks to its congruence with the fast pace of the city as well as its ability to keep up with the trend for nutritious food that is both delicious and creative in its flavors.

Grab is an alternative choice for quick meals and snacks on the go. The kitchen prepares fresh meals twice daily, as well as snacks, sweets, vitamin-rich fresh juices, and even delicious breads from classic, international, and modern recipes.

From tasty brioche to the colorful buns that decorate the shelves of the bakery, the healthy meals and the appetizing sandwiches, to the irresistible sugar-free sweets, vegan snacks, and fine coffee, there is enough variety to leave anyone feeling spoilt for choice.

Tip: seasonal surprises are worth keeping an eye out for, from Christmas flavors to the quintessentially summery and Cypriot watermelon with halloumi!

Address: 92 Griva Digeni
Contact number: 25 772266