OPENING: A hidden speakeasy for winter outings in Limassol!

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The Blind Pig is a new hangout in Limassol featuring distinct vibes from the era of Prohibition in the US. During this period, the only place to get alcohol was from small, hidden, illicit establishments. The police had to be bribed to turn a blind eye to their existence, thus earning them the moniker ‘Blind Pigs.’  

This little bar, hidden on the mezzanine floor of a preserved building on the pedestrian walkway of Genethliou Mitella, brings an element of that era to the people of Limassol. The Blind Pig was established right above Barbacoa, a dining spot that is beloved for its smoked meat. Making your way up the old staircase to the bar entrance feels like sneaking into a speakeasy, as the entrance of the bar is through a secret passage, behind a bookcase.

The interior of the Blind Pig may be small, but it is elegantly decorated featuring vintage elements, which create a cozy atmosphere. Patrons can enjoy select music and both classic cocktails as well as signature mixes. Bar food, such as pizzas and dips, is also available in the menu.

Address: 42 Genethliou Mitella
Contact number: 99 952501