OPENING: A gym in Limassol that also turns into a boutique!

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After its successful course in the past few years, Bodysense gym in Limassol is about to surprise everyone, hosting its own special boutique. Having emphasized in all aspects of wellness and fitness, the gym is now about to enrich the style options of women - regardless of age - who choose to improve their physical image and mood.

On the ground floor of the BodySense gym, the new store will open on April 7th, showcasing some items of exceptional quality by Greek apparel industries. Marina, trainer and owner of BodySense, with her fine style, her taste and attention to every detail has been choosing 1 by 1 the pieces and the items to be presented on the store’s shelves. With spring vibes coming on strongly, the store opens, offering clothes, bags and jewelry for the 2 days of the official opening, on April 7th and 8th, with a 20% discount.

From beautiful, comfortable and feminine items for everyday wear, to elegant and ethereal dresses and overalls for those most special occasions, the BodySense boutique comes to cheer up all women with options for all the hours of the day. The large collection of fashionable bags, striking clutch bags and fine jewelry is meant to provide the most suitable accessories for each outfit. So, along with spring, a new stylish option around the neighborhood is set to cover all tastes, spreading light, positive vibes and beautiful feelings in the same way the gym BodySense team has been doing it for years.

Contact number: 25 574 644

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