OPENING: A Greek patisserie exalts sweet temptations in Limassol!

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A new, sweet experience is here to enrich the gastronomic options of Limassol. A family-run patisserie that is especially loved in Greece, has recently opened its doors in the city, presenting a range of excellent sweets that are making an impression.

Cappelli follows an ‘open kitchen’ approach, with all its workspaces visible to customers. In this way, anyone can see for themselves how the ingredients are all-fresh, prepared on-site by the skillful hands of members of this family-run business.

The patisserie serves up 3 specific sweets – mille-feulle, profiterole, and ekmek kataifi, presented to the public in a unique, enjoyable and special way, both in individual and family-sized portions. What really makes the difference is the ingredients – the fluffy cream made from scratch, the crispy dough, the freshly-roasted nuts and the airy choux that take the flavors to the next level.

Address: 44 Emmanuil Roidi, Kirzis Center
Contact number: 25 353551