OPENING: A Greek tsipouradiko, opened in the heart of the historic city centre of Limassol!

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In Saripolou Square, a new hangout has recently opened its doors, offering a menu with some of the most popular meze dishes one can only find at a tsipouradiko in Greece.

Mostra brings distinct flavours and aromas that have stood out in Greek cuisine to the historic centre of Limassol. On the menu you can find meze with meat, fish and seafood, appetizers with vegetables and fresh salads.

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Introducing a familiar mode of the Greek tsipouradiko, the shop offers a package of selected meze, different on each single day, which accompanies the drink of one’s choice. For those who wish to have control of their meze, there is always the option to choose the dishes they like best.

The food is ideally accompanied by traditional spirits, from tsipouro to zivania, while there is also the option for wine.

Contact number: 25 101251