OPENING: A famous meze place arrive to Limassol, straight from Thessaloniki!

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It has been a favorite meze option in Thessaloniki, the mother land of Greek meze, for a few years now. All the artistry, imagination and love for goo, Greek food, packed their staff and came to Cyprus to meet all those that are already in love with and those who want to get to know the cuisine of “Treis ki Exinta”.

“Treis ki Exinta” (meaning: Far pennies), as its name has it, stands by the philosophy of offering a good time to people, with food and drinks, while keeping affordable prizes in the menu, which will make it a tricky business to choose from. The dishes are impressive in image, but they flavors are utterly alluring, too, using scents and ingredients of the Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with some gourmet and unexpectedly pleasurable touches.

The risotto option are without a doubt the most famous dishes, while the list with meats, vegetable, seafood and pasta is endless. Pasta with shrimps, meatballs with warm potato salad with mint, refreshing salad with grapes and fried halloumi, octopus in the pan with potato fennel are just some of the meze dishes that make people love it. At the same time, the place is also a great advantage, for sure, with original lights, made with cooking pots, special decoration with dozens of hats on the walls and chairs hanging above.

Extra tip: This place is all about the large variety of meze and different flavors on your table, so it has created an original device on the table, providing a… drawer for all the different plates that will arrive. Who said you have to struggle with room, if you want to taste everything?

Address: 53, Saripolou square
Contact number: 25 013 030

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