OPENING: A fairy-tale corner in Limassol, with little treasures for adults and kids!

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A fairy-tale corner in Limassol, which officially opens at the city center, holds little treasures and surprises that both adults and kids will appreciate. Peaches and the boy has created a place, where anyone can experience a bit of magic.

What stands out from the very first look is the special design of the place, with wooden furniture and details, as well as cute little lights, creating the perfect atmosphere for someone to explore all the interesting stock. Baby and children clothes, shoes and accessories (such as handmade leather, animal-shaped bags), personal care items (such as combs and soap), as well as amazing tee-pee tents, made of soft fabric, where the kids can let their imagination go wild, while playing, are just some of the items that will steal you heart.

The shop has a different approach in kids fashion, presenting for the first time in Cyprus the companies that follow an alternative philosophy and a modern, minimalist design, while using eco-friendly and high-quality materials. Guests can find items by European brands, such as Tiny Cottons, Wynken, Cos I Said So, Boxbo, Donsje Amsterdam, Gro and many more. At the same time, shoppers can spend their time looking for the best option, while children can sit and play in a corner especially made for them.

On November 4th, on the occasion of the official opening party, the shop offers a 10% discount. Find out more here.

Address:12Α, Ayias Filaxeos (Tzamouda area)
Contact number: 99 439 011

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