OPENING: A European franchise opens an alternative store in Limassol!

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In the heart of the istorical city center of Limassol, just a few steps from the Medieval Castle, an alternative store has made its appearance, with a most playful profile and imaginative items on its shelves. It is a European franchise which came to Cyprus for the first time, choosing Limassol to present a different approach to… duck shopping.

The Duck Store, at Angiras street, is a place with hundreds of cute, rubber ducks (the kind you usually take along with you in the bath tub), in all kinds of sizes (from key rings to toys up to 30 cm tall) and in numerous types of characters and roles.

The store, which originates in Amsterdam and operates in 8 other large European cities, presents 300 different types of yellow, rubber ducks (in various characters, professions or even celebrities). Eva, the woman from Limassol, who decided to bring this franchise to the historical city center, which she truly loves, believes that this will be the next favorite trend for gifts, toys or even decorative collections, while she also aims to give another fun reason for tourists to stroll around this area.

Address: 29, Angiras Street
Contact number: 700 70708