OPENING: A colorful hangout in the square, with a multi-colored, delicious menu!

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There are those who believe fast food is worth savoring, some who believe healthy food should be tasty, and some who are certain that your surroundings while you eat affect the taste of your food. New arrival, Green Berry, is just the place to satisfy all of the above opinions, and more.

It’s a new hangout in Heroes' Square, which was created to combine healthy habits with delicious flavors, all complemented by the relaxing atmosphere of a lush garden that is bursting with color. Green Berry is an extension of the coffee shop ‘O Tembelis’ (The Lazy One - find out more here), which allows it to borrow from the warm, cheerful environment that has been established in the gallery area of the square.

Visitors can enjoy the delicious menu while seated in the garden, at the coffee shop, or as a take away option. It offers vegetarian dishes, homemade falafel, Asian bao bun sandwiches, burgers, and sweet potato fries. Rich flavors and vibrant colors ensure that the food definitely matches the environment.