OPENING: A beautiful, vintage restaurant has just opened in Limassol!

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A brand new, beautiful restaurant, where visual appetite is satisfied before the actual one, has made its appearance lately, just a few minutes outside Limassol. A fully refurbishes, stone-built construction has become the home to this new, artistic restaurant, which has been decorated almost completely with recycled material or antiques.

This is the result of the creativity and imagination of 2 women, Anna and Mia, who actually named the restaurant after them both, as AnnaMia Bistro. Thus, in a cozy atmosphere, with the dominant presence of wood elements and retro references, you can enjoy drinks and food, in an environment both unusual and familiar, too.

The bistro is located just a few minutes away from the Limassol city center, in the heart of the beautiful Fasoula village. Its unique environment is quite popular for private parties of around 50 – 100 people, who, if needed, can spread outside the dining area of the place, becoming part of the village’s life.

Tip: The smoked fish and the steak are the house specialties, but the menu (consisted of homemade dishes) is renewed regularly, so you better ask for new suggestions.

Address: Vaniou Spania 4, Fasoula
Contact number: 99 409 562