OPENING: A beautiful, restored building in Limassol, tranformed into a surprising venue!

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A beautiful, restored building in Limassol’s historical city center has in recent days been transformed into special co-working space, ready to host people who move around and work in the city. Business Bar is a very unique idea that is already quite popular abroad, and which 2 young people wanted to see implemented in our city as well.

The 2-storey building, which faces the fountain of the University Square, aims to provide solutions for all those (mostly younger) professionals, who work as freelancers and are looking for a suitable working area. Even though the central location of Business Bar (with access to many nearby services) is a significant advantage, its pleasant environment certainly gives it a little something extra. The modern furniture and the minimal decor, as well as the natural lighting from the large windows, with distinct elements of classic architectural lines, make this space ideal for concentration and work.

Business Bar is designed to cover a variety of different needs, offering everything from a simple desk, to a private conference room for presentations and meetings. Professionals can rent the space that best suits their activities by the hour, day or for a longer period of time. Regardless each individual’s choice (a common area desk, a cubicle, a VIP desk or a conference room), high-speed wifi, access to all the plugs necessary for office equipment, and a modern coffee room with unlimited drinks are available for all.

Contact number: 70 087897