OPENING: A bakery in the Limassol city center becomes your ticket to the Middle East!

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When it first started, it was another little shop for quick bites on the go. The special flavors in its menu, though, coming straight from the traditional Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine, made ManousheLebanese Food & Bakery one of people's favorite spots in the city. Thus, it was a matter of time until Sami would create a new tasty corner, to complement the culinary experiences bearing the mark of the cuisine of his homeland.

For a few weeks now, at Ellados street, in the heart of the old town of Lmassol, there is a new place right next to the original shop with the Lebanese fast food, which prepares delicious options for all hours and for any taste. The bakery presents options of freshly cooked, tradtional Lebanese dishes, from aromatic rice and roast vegetables, to stewed meats. Do not miss out on the opportunity to try ouzi, a typical traditional dish, made of layers of rice and minced meat, wrapped in baklava pastry. 

In the same area you will also find traditional Lebanese sweets. The famous confectionery art of the Middle East is revealed in all its grace with every kind of syrup sweets, filled with nuts, as well as bites with dried fruits or paste of Arabic peanuts. Of course, the original grill is still making the well-known and much-loved kebab, lahmadjoun, falafel, kibe and the pastry with various fillings that everyone learned to love.

The shop provides delivery and takeaway services, but for those willing to make a quick stop, the arcade has some cozy tables and stools to receive them. 

Find out more about Manoushe Lebanese Food & Bakery here. 

Address: 89, Ellados street
Contact number: 25 746 745

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