OPENING: A 120 year old mansion in Limassol prepares delicious dishes with Mediterranean flavors

With a menu inspired by the Middle East (Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) and flavors of the Mediterranean, Yasemin has managed to make a dynamic entry to the city's nightlife. The restaurant is housed in a 120 years mansion, in a total area of 200 square meters. It is the result of the decision of the owner, Mr. Louis, to offer something completely different to food lovers, after a successful course of 30 years in the food industry.

Yasemin has made a bet to not let anyone leave the place unsatisfied after a visit, and that’s why it offers many different options: from a menu with meze dishes to a la carte options, from a simple drink with nibbles to full meals with excellent sweets for dessert, from a quiet dinner to a private party in the closed area, especially prepared for this purpose.

Hummus, eggplant salad, mouchamara, fresh salads, tasty falafel, cutters, lahmacun, irresistible sweets, like the famous machalepi and sweets with syrup, and the great pitta bread and pasta kneaded and baked in the wood oven are just some of the reasons to plan a visit. The majestic atmosphere, the cozy bar and the list of fine wines can only make the decision even easier.

Yasemin is currently open only in the evening, from 6 pm until late, while the kitchen closes at 11 pm. The large turnout make a reservation necessary for those who want to enjoy their evening in the dining room.

We find it in Agiou Andreou Street 278. Tel: 25 222 033

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