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OPENING: 3 Limassolians have set up an amazing new place at the seaside area!

The question whether Limassol should be the capital, has been around for some decades now. Still, 3 Limassolians managed to come up with an alternative answer, without any conflict, or without firing up the old contest with Nicosia.

By creating a modern and special place, with a view to the seaside park of Limassol, they have provided locals (and more) with a great reason for experiencing the vibes of a capital. In a relaxing and cozy environment, where one can enjoy coffee and drinks, healthy snacks, light sandwiches and vegetarian options combined with a walk on the seaside, Coffee Capital proclaims Limassol to be the capital of coffee.

It is a whole new concept, that came up when these 3 Limassolians joined forces and experiences in large coffee franchises, to create a place for the people of the city. Being on the way of many people's daily routines (either on their way to work, to a walk or for shopping), this turns out to be a delightful stop, to enjoy unique items from its menu. Its white, wooden and minimal facade, along with the green leaves of the trees framing it, create a relaxing and laid back atmosphere, which emerges as a great meeting spot for walkers and bikers.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to try a custom drink, especially made for you, according to your personality and profile.

Address: 123, Spyros Araouzos Avenue
Contact number: 7000 2728

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