OPENING: 2 young people from Limassol, have created a new beautiful spot, with its own yard!

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With plenty of imagination, creativity and love for good coffee, there can be some amazing surprises, after all, thanks to the initiative of young people, who do not hesitate to present something new and interesting to Limassol and its people. Having all the knowledge and the experience from coffee industry, as well as with many original ideas for creating an ideal, relaxing atmosphere in the city center, the dream for a beautiful spot was eventually implemented.

Upon the arrival of the summer of 2018, Alfred Coffee Co. made its appearance in the city. This elegant and cozy café, named after Batman’s well-known butler, Alfred, has kept all the attention to detail and the punctuality in service and quality of flavors, adopting, though, a bright, colourful and joyful profile (something unfamiliar in the stories of the well-known animation).

Apart from the aromatic coffee (a blend especially selected for Alfred Coffee), the tasty cocktails (great for after work relaxing sessions), the cool, homemade lemonade and the fresh sandwiches and snacks, this place’s great advantage sure is the yard. A patio with green pots and an interesting, colourful installation on the wall, is a place to meet friends at, have a break from the day’s routine and take your distance from the city’s busy life, right in its heart.

Extra tip: 300 mugs were used to hang from the roof, above the bar, creating a true piece of art, which aims to be the café’s trade mark.